Adventures in the Quack by the Bay

Various Adventures in San Francisco

With David Backman

Spring 2008

NOT and Dave spend a lot of time wandering the wacky world, and San Francisco can be a wacky world all unto itself. Just a few of the pair's recent adventures in the City by the Bay:

It's a sad thing when you have to remind people to not take a dump on the sidewalk.  Is this the beginning of a "Curb Your Friend" campaign?

We all know people who overdo the holidays (the phrase "It looks like Christmas threw up on the yard" comes to mind.)  Well NOT found a house like that which puts the phrase "Super Size" to the test. Here the pair discover a tree that is just... well words can't do it justice.  NOT and Dave are in the first picture, the second just gives you the idea of scale. NOT is sitting at about 6' off the ground.

And what is San Francisco without landmarks. Especially one that is often referred to the city's phallus. The Coit Tower. Built during the Great Depression, it's supposedly shaped like the tip of a fire hose to commemorate the firefighters who helped everyone after the 1906 earthquake.

NOT is not quite so sure that sometimes a fire nozzle is just a fire nozzle.

NOT isn't very mechanically inclined but somehow he ends up with mechanical things wherever he goes.

Posing with mechanical animated star Wall-E (though he looked more Wall Eyed).

And at the San Francisco museum of Modern Art he's hiding under a blanket with Stephanie Stern checking out Olafur Eliasson's frozen car.  There are cool rides out there, but this was a bit ridiculous.

While not flying the Jolly Roger, NOT contemplated the Pirate Car, or is it just a big fan of the annual "Talk like a Pirate Day"?

And watch out for that Flying Spaghetti Monster!  He must eat Jesus fish though, so a duck should be safe.

NOT's become a popular destination. Heck he even has a bus going there. Though the bus' sign is the only NOT in the photo.

While Valerie Kiszka and Kenney Mencher may have made a birthday cake for Dave, the guest of honor (and theme) was decidedly avian.

And in preparation for the new Batman movie The Dark Night, NOT checked in on the "campaign" for District Attorney Harvey Dent.

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated March 2008