Quackelberry Pie Please.

Alexandria and Lecompte, LA

With J.J. Kwashnak and Russ Minton

August 2009

Smack in the middle of Louisiana is Alexandria, and nearby town of Lecompte.

Now Lecompte is a small town of less than 1500 people. And when I say small, I mean it. The town is 1 square mile in area.

It's not the size of the town but what's in it.  And that would be Lea's Lunchroom. Lea's opened in 1928. That said, it's unusual to see an eatery remain open for three quarters of a century. But for Lea's it is what they do that is so important. And that is baked ham, and pies. Lea's menu is simple. Ham Sandwiches, a couple of other daily determined entrees, and some of the best pies around.

Lea's Lunchroom

Lea's Lunchroom bakes over 65,000 pies annually, and has been inducted into the Louisiana Restaurant Hall of Fame. Leas was even featured on Johnny Carson. In March 2001, the Louisiana Legislature proclaimed Lecompte the Pie Capitol of Louisiana.

Lea's of Lacompte

A visit to Lea's Lunchroom in Lacompte was special for NOT because in Monroe, just down the street, Mr. Lea's grandson Toby has opened a Lea's in Monroe, which is one of NOT, Russ and J.J.'s favorite places.

Now up the street in Alexandria is Swamp Daddy's Crawfish, which is instantly recognizable by the giant crawfish outside the restaurant. NOT had to check him out.


The fish sits there with two flags in his "claws" guarding the building.

Crafish Front On

Swamp Daddy

Unfortunately, NOT was disappointed to find that not only was it not a real giant crawfish, but it's one in poor shape too.  Made of tape and plastic over chicken wire and rebar, the thing looked like he had been boiled a few too many times and was suffering peeling on the tale, as well as red tape mending around various joints and parts.  Overall he was very disappointed.

Peeling Crawfish

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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak

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