Better Off Quack

Castro, San Francisco, California

David Backman

January 2009

Sometimes living in a big city, especially one as eclectic as San Francisco, gives NOT and friends a chance to meet up with interesting (and somewhat famous) people.

One of the events NOT got to go to was a special screening of the 80's film "Better Off Dead..." (Starring John Cusack - to see more check out IMDB). What made this screening so special was the appearance of celebrities, including the director/writer Savage Steve Holland. It was Holland's first movie, though he would go on to create another classic in the Cusack body of works - One Crazy Summer, as well as the critically acclaimed Eek! The Cat cartoon series.

Savage Steve Holland

On top of that, another star of the movie, Diane Franklin was there WITH the coat she wore in the movie.  She insisted that Dave wear it while being photographed with NOT Duck.

Diane Frnaklin

Looked better on her I'm afraid.

Better off Dead ticket

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Photos courtesy of David Backman

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