Saturday Morning Quacktoons

Barker Animation Museum- Cheshire, CT/Cartoon Art Museum-San Francisco

With J. J. Kwashnak & David Backman

July/February 2009

NOT, like a lot of us (though maybe not as many ducks) grew up in the age of Saturday morning cartoons, and not to mention Bugs and company after school.  So when he's out on a drive and sees Scooby and the Gang along the road, you need to pull off and check it out. In Cheshire, Connecticut is the The Barker Character, Comic and Cartoon Museum.

 Barker Museum

Surrounded by large character cutouts, the museum just begs to be visited.
Animaniacs! Animaniacs and Sign

Unfortunately the Museum was closed that day. But the grounds were open for NOT and friends to explore.

Cat in the Hat

Getting advice from Lucy?  Not such a good idea.

Lucy van Pelt

And getting in the middle of a gunfight doesn't help.

Bugs, Sam And NOT

He did hear it through the grapevine that the museum is now the only Museum of the California Raisins.

California Raisins.

NOT has to return sometime to the museum to check it out though - it is home to the only Official Celebriduck Museum in the world.

Kick it Out

Not out in California, San Francisco to be exact, there is the Cartoon Art Museum. According to their Web page, "the Cartoon Art Museum exhibits pieces that represent the history, contemporary development, creators, design, and processes underlying the art forms of cartoons, comics, digital animation, illustration, and videogames."  Maybe it's a bit more highbrow than what NOT was used to.

Crusader Rabbit Sign

However, it's a day when so much animation is sent over to Korea to be done (or comes from Japan and it's toy factories), it's nice to remember when cartoons were made here in the United States.

Crusader Rabbit Camera.



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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak and David Backman

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