A Love, Haiti Relationship

The Island of Haiti

With Kathryn Perez

January 2009

It's the friends of NOT Duck that take him to the most interesting places.  One friend, Kathryn Perez, was off to Haiti to visit her boyfriend's family for the holidays. NOT doesn't get enough chances to visit the Caribbean (he's one pale little duck), but this was a chance to visit a new country.

Kathryn is an professor at the University of Wisconsin in La Crosse, so of course, where does she take the duck? To the National University of Haiti in Port au Prince.

Agronomie Haiti

Haiti is a small island (well part of an island actually), but up in the mountains above Port au Prince is the Centre Evangelique Wallace Turnbull, which contains, among other things a small zoo. No lions and tigers, but snakes and birds, oh my.

Centre Evangelique Wallace Turnbull1

 Centre Evangelique Wallace Turnbull2

Fortunately for the Haitian people, but unfortunately for NOT, the former Presidents - the Duvaliers (Papa Doc and Baby Doc) are no longer in power. This kept he Duck from making "What's Up Doc" jokes.  For international relations, this was probably a good thing.


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Photos courtesy of Kathryn Perez

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