Quacks Around the Bay

More adventures around the San Francisco Bay area

With David Backman


Continuing the adventures of a small duck and his friends, NOT presents more interesting adventures around the San Francisco Bay area.


The Americas Cup

One of the most prestigious trophies in regatta sailing, the America's Cup is also the oldest active trophy in international sports.

In 2010, Larry Ellison and his team BMW Oracle Racing beat the defending team Alinghi to bring the cup to the Golden Gate Yacht Club.

BMW Oracle Racing ship model

After getting to sit in Lord Stanley's Cup, NOT is able to add another big name trophy to his travels.

America's Cup


 NOT visited Lombard Street in SF, transformed into a Candyland  board in honor of the game's 60th anniversary. He was warmly welcomed by his
majesty King Kandy.

Candyland on Lombard Street

King Kandy

Read more about the event


Silicon Valley is Born. The Traffic Comes Soon After

In 1938 William R. Hewlett and David Packard began developing an audio oscillator in a garage in Palo Alto, just south of San Francisco. The duo's forming of an electronics company in the bay area marked the birth of what would become world famous as Silicon Valley.

HP Garage in Palo Alto


The One Quack Bandit

Despite all the attention given in Reno and Las Vegas, San Francisco is home to the slot machine, as NOT found by visiting the California historic site.

Liberty Bell Slots

Liberty Bell Slot Machine

Charles August Fey began inventing and manufacturing slot machines in 1894. Fey pioneered many innovations of coin operated gaming devices in his San Francisco workshop at 406 Market Street, including the original three-reel bell slot machine in 1898. The international popularity of the Bell Slot Machines attest to Fey's ingenuity as an enterprising inventor whose basic design of the three reel slot machine continues to be used in mechanical gaming devices today.

California Registered Historical Landmark No. 937

Plaque placed by the state Department of Parks and Recreation in cooperation with E Clampus Vitus.
October 21, 1914



Anyone who has watched Discovery Channel's show Mythbusters knows that special effects experts Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman do much of their magic out Hyenman's warehouse studio in the San Francisco area. NOT got to check out the M5 Industries building, though getting inside is rather difficult. No word on whether the Mythbusters are taking on the story that a duck's quack doesn't echo..echo...echo.

 Mythbusters M5 Industries

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Last Updated August 2010