Quack and Roll - D.C.

The White House Easter Egg Roll

With Neil Peretz and family

April 2010

Tradition says that Dolly Madison organized the first Presidential Easter egg roll on the Capitol lawn in 1814 and the tradition continued until a new lawn was installed in 1877 and it became illegal to use the grounds as a playground. President Hayes and his wife brought the event to the lawn where the tradition continued, except for a discontinuity during the Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman administrations.

On April 5th (Easter Monday) President Obama and his family sponsored their second Easter Egg Roll.

And a small stuffed duck was there.

White House and Duck

Luckily, a friend of the duck won the lottery for tickets for his family and agreed to bring the avian traveler along for the event. Though NOT didn't have a wrist band, he was able to get past the Secret Service. And he was not even up for the Real Housewives of D.C.

Neil Peretz, Duck and His Wristband

While there, the Hayes were there too to oversee what they brought to the White House Lawn. Not bad looking for a president from the 1870's.

Rutherford Hayes and Lucy Hayes at the Egg Roll.

Like any big event in D.C., there were lots of lines to deal with first. At first you didn't notice them...

On the way to the Egg Roll

but quickly they began to manifest themselves....

Onlien at the egg roll

There were signs...

This way

And celebrities (speed skater Apollo Ohno is in the background with the sideburns)

Apollo Ohno in the background

The driveway towards the Oval Office was blocked off.

Driveway to Oval Office

But finally they were in the back yard of the White House, ready to roll.

Backyard of the White House

Hey, does it look like there's a monument sticking out of my head?

Washington Monument

Finally, NOT found an egg. It must be from the Ostriches.

White House Egg Roll Giant Egg

NOT Duck for President?

White House, Green Duck 

White House. Green Duck.

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Photos courtesy of Neil Peretz

Last Updated August 2010