In Brazil We Have Quacks

San Paulo, Brazil

With Mark Serencha

April 2011

Brazil is going to be the host of the Olympic Games (albeit in Rio and not San Paulo where NOT was). But then again, for a world travelling duck, NOT is pretty bad with geography sometimes, so instead of landing in Rio, he went to check out the sports scene in San Paulo, the largest city in the southern hemisphere. and not telling time too well he went there 5 years early. Oops.

Like much of the world, Brazil is crazy for football.  Only they spell it strangely here.

Brazil Stadium Outside

And no one was around, but the playing field was a bit strange too.  Someone finally took pity on NOT and explained that futebol in Brazil is called soccer in the U.S. NOT questioned this because he looked all around but didn't fine one soccer hooligan. Nor a paella vendor.

Brazil Stadium Inside

To double check on this, he went to consult the minds of the University of Sao Paulo, specifically the Faculdade De Direito (School of Law).  Unfortunately there was no one there, and NOT left. He left at the right time though, because minutes after leaving the plaza filled with a May Day rally, where among the jostling protesters a small stuffed duck can get quickly squashed.

Brazil Plaza

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Photos courtesy of Mark Serencha

Last Updated May 2012