Around the World in 80 Quacks

Orlando, Florida

With Jason, Amy and Isabel Howard

September 2011

It's a small world after all.  Or so Disney tells us and sings repetitively to us. But with all the cynicism aside, there is something undeniably exciting about the worlds that Walt Disney and his descendents have built. Jason and Amy Howard packed up their daughter Isabel and headed the crew, sans the Family Truckster, southward to Orlando. And along the way a little stuffed duck tagged along to see what he could find also.

EpcotHollywood StudiosMagic Kingdom 1Magic Kingdom 2Animal Kingdom

Epcot was on tap. NOT Duck and Isabel found Nemo's Dad, and inside got a close look at Bruce the Shark's mouth.

Nemo's Dad

After that NOT Duck took a Journey Into Imagination, something easy for a world traveling stuffed duck to do. Journey to Imagination

Then on to the photo ops to confirm that NOT Duck was really at Epcot.


And if you are at Epcot you have to take a trip around the world and get your passport stamped, also not something hard for a world traveling duck.

Inside and out of the pyramid in Mexico,

Mexico1  Mexico 2
then onto Norway where NOT Duck met some trolls both large and small.

Troll1  Troll2
From Norway onto China, where NOT Duck met Buddha (who he had met before), who didn't talk much, as well as made friends with the passport stampers.


Passport Stamper

On the way out of China NOT Duck stopped for a photo in front of the large gate.

China Gate Epcot

Nearby the Ibis didn't want to be friends,


so Princess Isabel stepped in to be a friend.

Isabel and Bird

It was getting close to dinner time, so the world travels had to wait, but on the way to dinner there was time to meet the new Disney character Duffy the bear. Despite the name inspiring visions of Barney from the Simpsons wearing a bear costume, Duffy turned out to be more of a teddy bear.

Duffy the Bear

Finding the Coral Reef Restaurant, NOT Duck made friends with the hostesses

Coral Restaurant

Hostess1  Hostess2

 who shared the fact that they named the octopus at the counter Fred.

Fred the Octopus

After dinner it was back to go round the world in 80 minutes. NOT Duck rode an elephant in the African Outpost, which got him to Germany.


There he asked some cuckoos if they could fly him to Italy.


Once there he asked Poseidon to shuttle him across the ocean to the US.


Crossing the ocean takes a lot of time and is tiring so he rested on the side of a sign, but didn't have time to check out the show.

Ocean Sign

Then NOT Duck through the magic of Disney crossed the Pacific Ocean and ended up in Japan where he tried out for Pokémon but decided he didn't like living in a red and white ball.


He then headed to Morocco for a camel ride.

Camel Ride

From there it was to France where he waited with Isabel while she got her passport stamped, as well as in line for French pastries.

French Passport Stamper

French Pastries

In the UK he waited while a princess stamped Isabel's passport,

UK Passport

then checked out a phone booth and was disappointed to find it is only blue police boxes that are bigger on the inside.

London Call Box

From the UK back to North America to visit Canada. Time was running out so he couldn't stop to watch a show, but he and Isabel found the passport stamping person hiding in an out of the way corner and got the final stamp to complete the passport just in time!

Missed Show

Final Passport

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Photos courtesy of Jason Howard

Last Updated July 2012