Quacking on the Road Again

Orlando, Florida

With Jason, Amy and Isabel Howard

September 2011

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Amy and Isabel had to be at the airport for 12:30 and the condo/hotel didn't have airport transportation (it is a 30 minute drive) so Jason stayed later and took them to Epcot instead of hitting the road first thing. Amy and Isabel did Test Track three more times, and then headed to Soarin' for a second trip. Along the way NOT Duck spotted the character meet and greet and decided to get in line instead of waiting at Soarin'.


Pluto 1

 Pluto 2



It was well worth it because he got to meet the whole crowd, and at the end Goofy decided he couldn't be upstaged by Pluto's earlier balancing act so let NOT Duck stand on his nose too.

Goofy 1

Goofy 2

 After that it was time to hit the road. After dropping Amy and Isabel at the airport there many miles to travel, but a quick stop in Georgia presented a photo-op before heading back out.


And after the happiest place on Earth NOT Duck couldn't resist revisiting South of the Border at night to see the neon.

South of the Border 1

South of the Border 2

NOT Duck reminded Jason that fireworks were not legal in NC so none were purchased.


And from the tackiest place on Earth, NOT Duck revealed his hidden side and stopped at possibly the seediest place on Earth. NOT Duck hopped out, posed on the roof of the car while the scent of "incense" (the kind college students seem to particularly enjoy inhaling the smoke of) wafted across the parking lot. Deciding that to stay longer would delay getting home even more Jason and NOT Duck hopped back in the car and drove out. (Startling the people "burning" the "incense" on the other side of the building when they drove by)


A long drive later NOT Duck was back at his temporary home and could rest up for his next adventure coming up, the NC State Fair!


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Photos courtesy of Jason Howard

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