Stonehenge of Foam, but No Danger of Dwarves

Foamhenge, Natural Bridge, Virginia

With J.J. Kwashnak

November 2011

Running down the western part of the state of Virginia is the beautiful Shenandoah National Park, with the skyline drive offering breathtaking views of the valley below.

Shenandoah Valley Duck

Sitting on a hill outside of Natural Bridge, Virginia and just off I-81, rising from the mist is an American version of the venerable English relic of Stonehenge. NOT had visited several Stonehenges in his travel – the original, built by Sam Hill, built out of cars, an ancient relic in New Hampshire (Stonehenge Summary) but never one like this. Instead of hundreds of men hauling heavy stones across the landscape, this Stonehenge creator could bring the structure to life using “4-5 Mexicans and one crazy white man”. The secret – the entire structure if built out of foam.

Foamhenge Sign

Now being made out of foam, the structure is not built for the ages. In fact it is subject to vandalism, an action that the artist, Mark Cline, does not appreciate, and makes this very clear to visitors.

Foamhenge Vandalism Sign

The replica sits atop the hill, aligned to the sun like the original across the Atlantic, providing a sense of awe and wonder for the viewer.

Foamhenge 1

Foamhenge 2

Foamhenge 3

The artist even acknowledges that there are different theories as to how the original structure was built. One theory he presents is magic. He posits “This is the Sorcerer Merlin of Arthur’s Royal Court. Effortlessly he levitated then flew these huge stones from Ireland to the Salsbury Plane. He is in the process of erecting the stones to become a focal point for those who suffered at the hands of the Saxons. With each stone he is instilling magical properties which will heal those who believe.” Do you believe?

Fioamhenge Merlin

Foamhenge 4

Foamhenge 5

Foamhenge has drawn the attention of celebrities and the media, but in an ultimate honor, the site was also immortalized with a visit by Zippy the Pinhead.

Zippy the Pinhead Visits Foamhenge

Roadside America talks about various Stonehenges in America.

Update: In 2016 Foamhenge was given the heave ho from its location by the state which was expanding Natural Bridge State Park. However the attraction was to be moving to a new home in Fairfax, Virginia in 2017.

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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated May 2012