It's Fair to Quack That It Was Fun

Orlando, Florida

With Jason, Amy and Isabel Howard

October 2011

NOT Duck was so excited to see the Fair! There are some odd things there, like a giant hotdog covering itself in ketchup, with ketchup and mustard for eyebrows.

Fair Entrance

Agriculture in NC is a big deal, it is basically what got the State Fair started,


but these days there are all sorts of State related displays including the State Police.

NC State Police 1

NC State Police 2

Other things on display included Isabel's artwork that her art teacher selected to be sent in!


NOT Duck was quite impressed that he now knew a future famous artist before she was famous. The world's largest grocery cart car was on display,

Grocery Cart 1

Grocery Cart 2

Grocery Cart 3

and realizing that the only way to take it all in at a glance was to get higher up everyone went on the Ferris Wheel.

From the Air 1

From the Air 2

From the Air 3

From the Air 4

From the Air 5

After the Ferris Wheel Jason needed some lunch. What to get, what to get?

Lunch 1

Lunch 2

The Krispy Kreme bacon cheeseburger was selected, not shown is the side of Kool-Aid pickles and dessert of fried Kool-Aid.


After lunch NOT Duck checked out the vendor selling the Love-A-Fair themed t-shirts


and met a very kind gentleman who gave Isabel a t-shirt as a gift to help advertise them.

Isabel Advertise

Luckily the shirt did not come with any bedbugs, look how big they grow them at the NC Pests display!

NC Pests

While Amy and Isabel had their lunch NOT Duck took advantage of a rare opportunity at the TimeWarner tent, but never did get an answer to whether it was Duck Season or Rabbit Season.

Time Warner 2

From there there was more wandering around where NOT Duck stumbled upon yet another celebrity, Miss North Carolina 2011! NOT Duck was quite smitten with her.

Miss North Carolina

After wandering around the building where Ms. North Carolina was NOT Duck ventured back outside for a cupcake shaped like a hotdog (the "hotdog" and "mustard" are frosting while the bun is the actual cupcake).

Cupcake Hot Dog

 After the eating was done NOT Duck watched Jason take a picture of Isabel on the Carousel.


After that in a further attempt to make herself sick, since spinning around on the Carousel didn't work (thank you Dramamine) Isabel went on the giant bungee bouncing and did a flip.


NOT Duck did not attempt it as the harness wouldn't fit. Headed toward the exit at the end the crowd passes by a bunch of food stalls so you have people trying to get in, people trying to get out, and people trying to form lines for food perpendicular to the flows of traffic. Sounds like it should flow smoothly doesn't it

Food Flow

Thankfully after that bottleneck it eased up, but a hunger for homemade ice cream had been worked up so NOT Duck stopped by the stand where they make it with John Deere engines.

Runs like a Deere

While Amy and Isabel finished their ice cream NOT Duck decided to check out nature’s most addictive carcinogen, tobacco.




Happy he didn't smoke, that wrapped up NOT Duck's trip to the State Fair. Maybe he will go back again some year and spend more time in the agricultural displays, one can only hope. :)

Working with strange sights at the fair would prepare Isabel for the summer adventures months later at Camp Cheerio.

Camp Cheerio

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Photos courtesy of Jason Howard

Last Updated July 2012