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Ark-La-Tex Border Monument

With JJ Kwashnak & Russ Minton

March 2012

There is something special about where multiple states come together. Sure we all know where two states meet as we cross the border from one to the other. Where three or four states come together is a bit rarer. Often these sites are well off the beaten track and sometimes they are tourist areas (Four Corners). More often than not they are spots that someone has decided is worth marking even if no one really cares all that much. Still, finding them can be rather cool.

Ark-La-Tex Monument1

Way up along Louisiana state route 1, NOT travelled to one of these monuments – where Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas meet. The monument sits just off the road – a small stone marker with each of the three states noted on corners of the marker.



The marker has been around for a while now and is in danger of being engulfed. Where once it sat under the shade of a tree, it now is threatened with being engulfed by the tree. Soon maybe the tree will become the monument were the three states meet.


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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated May 2012