Welcome to My Quack-mare

Raleign, NC

With Jason Howard

June 2012

Alice Cooper has been rocking the stage since the 1960's and even at age 64 he's still rocking arenas. Dubbed by Rolling Stone as the world's "most beloved heavy metal entertainer", he still undertakes a hard tour schedule in 2012. 

Cooper ticket

In June he came to Raleigh to rock the Raleigh Amphitheater.  Jason was going and asked NOT if he wanted to go along.  Jason already had tickets, but he was a finalist in a contest sponsored by Radio 96.1 which had the first prize of front row tickets and a chance to meet Cooper himself.

96.1 outside Alice Cooper

Unfortunately he didn't win. Even with the help of a cute fuzzy duck that no one can resist, even Radio people.

Waiting for Alice

Early on, the crowd was gathering and the weather took a wet turn, but the pair were inside and ready to go.

Almost Show time

To signal the show was getting closer, the curtain gave everyone an preview of the man everyone was there to see.  A bit flat, he still stood out ready to give nightmares.

NOT and Alice

Finally, it was welcome to his nightmare time as Cooper rocked the stage.  Not quite as cool as getting to go back stage and meet him, but still, both NOT and Jason had a good time.

Interestingly, the name "Alice Cooper" was used not only for the performer but for the name of the band as a whole, and the trademark is owned by the band. As a result, Cooper must pay a license fee to the rest of the band in order to continue to use it for his performances.


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Photos courtesy of Jason Howard  

Last Updated July 2012