Dark Side of the Quack

Solar Eclipse

With David Backman

May 2012

For skywatchers, May's solar eclipse was a big deal.  Many areas of the world would see some or all of the sun blocked out by the transit of the moon in front of our sun.  NOT was in San Francisco with Dave and even thought they only had 85 percent coverage, it was still darker.

Eclipse crescents


The light through leaves made crescent shadows mimicking the light coming from the sun, showing off the crescent of sun not covered by our moon.


Though almost 84 percent of the sun was covered, it was still not safe enough to look at, but Dave risked the camera by shooting a shot directly of the eclipse. The majesty of the movements of the celestial spheres humbles a small duck like NOT. 



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Photos courtesy of David Backman

Last Updated July 2012