Quack Me Back to Dixie

Natchez, MS

With JJ Kwashnak and Russ Minton

April 2012

NOT enjoys looking around for the unusual, strange and just fun things that are out there to see on the highways and byways of America. Down in Mississippi is an unusual site that NOT didn’t want to miss.

Mammy's Cupboard1

Just south of Natchez, there is an unusual eatery to be found by the highway. Mammy’s Cupboard evokes the old antebellum south and the idea of the nurturing love of the black servant woman or Mammy. Serving up lunch from 11 to “about 2” the name tries to evoke the comfort of nurturing care and a simpler time.


The name is interesting enough, however it does not stop there. Because Mammy’s Cupboard is located in a building built to look like a southern Mammy, with the restaurant located deep in her hoop skirt.


Yes, the small restaurant is located inside a building size character of a black woman. Apparently over the years she has been repainted, he color lightened to a less offensive lighter shade (an homage to Michael Jackson perhaps). Yet there she sits still today, overlooking drivers zooming south from the city. The food is supposed to be very good. NOT didn’t have a chance to check that out, having visited after “about 2.” Delightfully not PC. Maybe next time.



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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated May 2012