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As NOT travels around, every so often he runs across a visit or opportunity that is unique, but only has a photo or two. So here we are celebrating again the various adventures of NOT Duck.


Outside the Municipal Auditorium in Shreveport there are statues of some legendary performers who have appeared on stage inside.  A version of the Grand Ol' Opry came out of Shreveport called the Louisiana Hayride, and among the performers on the show were Elvis Presley and James Burton.  Presley is the King, and Burton was known as a guitarist who played with Presley and many others including writing and performing the Guitar part on the song Suzy Q. He is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Elvis Presley Statue Shreveport

James Burton Statue, Shreveport


West of Boston lies Grafton, home of one of Tufts University's campuses - this one housing the Vet School.  Adam Conn and headed out there one open house with duck and dog in tow.

 Holey Cow

The Visible Cow has a viewing port in her stomach, allowing viewers to see what is going on inside her. Holey cow indeed!

Pulling for Tufts Vet

"Wait, Neutering means WHAT?" 

Cape Cod is a favorite escape for NOT and his friends. Sometimes you just have to stop the travels and sit for a while on the beach with Nancy Melley.

Bourne Beach Street

Which way to the beach? Ahh, here it is, down in Falmouth.

Falmouth Beach

Dave Backman believes in Education and so does NOT. On his visits he stopped in Rehoboth, MA, which bills itself as the Birthplace of Public Education in North America. Upon incorporation in 1645 the town leaders voted to collect taxes to pay a teacher to educate the settlement's children.

Rehoboth - Education Birthplace


In Columbus with Adam Conn, NOT was in danger of being eaten by a clutch of dinosaurs. Run!

Dinosaurs in Columbus


In July of 1863, Confederate forces under the command of General Robert E. Lee made their northernmost incursion into Union territory, meeting Union forces in the pivotal battle at and around Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. The area remains one of the first National Military Parks.

Fields of Gettysburg

 Brigade Marker

Monument for the First Massachusetts Infnatry.


Statue commemorating Brig. Gen. Andrew Atkinson Humphreys of the Union Forces

Commander Statue

Once again NOT finds himself in danger of being shot out of a cannon.

Gettysburg Cannon


While travelling north, NOT, JJ and Russ travelled up through the Shenandoah Valley through Virginia. There they spent some time driving along the Shenandoah National Park enjoying the breathtaking views.

Shenandoah Park 1

Shenandoah Park 2

Lexington is the home of Washington and Lee University and the Virginia Military Academy. It is also the final resting places of two of the most famous generals from the Civil War: Robert E. Lee and Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson.  Lee lies in the Lee Chapel, but Jackson lies in a nearby cemetery (and was open). NOT pays respect to a famous general, who lies under the memorial, sans his arm which was lost in battle and lies buried near Chancellorsville (and is another destination one day for NOT's travels).

Stonewall Jackson's Grave

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