Pineville, LA

With J.J. Kwashnak


In 1860 the Seminary of Learning of the State of Louisiana was opened in Pineville under the leadership of superintendant William Tecumseh Sherman.  Just over a year later Sherman has resigned his commission as Louisiana voted to secede from the Union.  Six months later the school closed due to the Civil War. Attempts to reopen the school in 1863 did not take due to the Union's Red River campaign that came up through the Pineville/Alexandria area. 

The school reopened following the war in 1865 and remained open for 4 years until a fire burned out the college building. The school reopened soon after moving to Baton Rouge, and the next year the school was renamed Louisiana State University. 

Years later the school's site is a park, with foundation remains of the original building the only reminder of what used to be along the Red River.


LSU Site 1


LSU 2a

LSU Foundation

LSU Foundation and Duck

LSU and Fence

LSU Marker


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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak
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