Can't We All Quack Along?

Monroe, LA

With J.J. Kwashnak and Russ Minton


There has been a football rivalry in Louisiana between the Northwestern State and Northeast Louisiana (now the University of Louisiana at Monroe) that raged from the 1950's until the turn of the century and carried a certain level of animosity. However this was taken to a new level in the 1992 meeting when the fight was not between the teams, but between the mascots.

Chief Brave Spirit got into a fight with Vic the Demon of Northwestern State.  That fight turned physical and the cardinal rule of of being a mascot was broken when Vic's head got ripped off. The mascots were separated by college police.

The incident can be seen here:

Years later, Chief Brave Spirit a.k.a. Steve Patron is still in the Monroe area, delivering mail. And posing with a Duck.

Steve Patron



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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak
Last Updated 2014