But Will it Quack in Peoria?!

Peoria, Illinois

With David Backman


But How Will It Play In Peoria? is a cliche question about middle American values and what people want to see.

Well, we know that people want to see NOT Duck. Or at least NOT wants to see Peoria, so he did.

Quonset Church

Last Harvest Ministries in East Peoria transformed a WWII era Quonset hut into a church, complete with steeple and church windows. Not sure how quiet it would be in hail.

Caterpiller HQ

If NOT's "Duck Green and Orange" then he's met up with Caterpillar Yellow at the company's headquarters in town. 

Stargate in Peoria?

Hmm.. does have Peoria have one of those Stargates, and keep it in plain sight when not activated? Could it be... Aliens?

Abraham Lincoln

Lincoln Quote

In October 1854, Lincoln gave a speech in Peoria that has become known as the "Lincoln Draws the Line" speech with a stance against the expansion of slavery as part of the debate over slavery being allowed into the new US territories. A bronze statue by John McClarey, and a marble marker commemorate this outside the Peoria courthouse.

Let My Ducks Go


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Photos courtesy of David Backman
Last Updated 2015