A Bird to View the Birds

Bodega, California

With David Backman and Kathleen Donohue


The great director Alfred Hitchcock excelled at producing films that tapped into our fears in the ordinary every day. In 1963 he tapped into the fury of nature, envisioning a town on the California coast beset, for no discernible reason, by flocks of birds with malice on their minds. The result is the modern classic The Birds.

Set in the town Bodega Bay, the film used local buildings and landmarks in Bodega and Bodega Bay to film exteriors for the movie.

The Saint Teresa of Avila church served as a background to one of the horrific attacks where the birds killed the local school teacher (Suzanne Pleshette).

 Church from th Birds

A new bird is seen around the church terrorizing Kathleen.

Birds close up

The church identifies itself and its role in cinematic history.

St. Theresa

An Homage to The Tides Restaurant where residents gathered to share stories of strange bird behavior, providing the calm before the storm of another attack.

The Tides Facade

All in all, NOT was impressed with the actions of a determined subset of his fellow birds, even if he was a fairly flightless waterfowl who wouldn't hurt anyone.


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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak
Last Updated 2017