Quack Be a Lady Tonight

Las Vegas, Nevada

With J.J. Kwashnak and Russ Minton


Sin City. Rising from the flat desert is the city that beckons all those looking for luck, or looking for the gaudy excesses that only Las Vegas can provide.

Vegas attracts all types of people from the lowly gambler to emperors. Julius Caesar stands watch over his eponymous casino, watching his domain and wondering where his salad is.

 Caeser's Palace

While some say we make our own luck, some will take any help they can get. Like its Reno counterpart, Fitzgerald's Casino on Fremont Street had a piece of the Blarney Stone on display for a bit of luck. In 2011 Fitzgerald's Las Vegas was closed and sold, reopening after renovations as the D. But the Blarney Stone remains to provide luck for those gamblers who can find it hidden away on the second floor.

Vegas Blarney Stone

But gamblers will look for luck wherever they can get it. Outside of Caesar's Palace stands the only shrine to Brahma in the Western Hemisphere. A gift to the casino the shrine features a statue of Phra Phrom which is the Thai version of the god Brahma. Gamblers can come to the shrine at any time and light incense or leave an offering to improve luck.

Shrine to Phra Phrom

Close Up Shrine in Vegas

NOT enjoyed himself but came back no richer than when he left. Then again, he is a stuffed duck and doesn't have any money to begin with.


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Photos courtesy of J.J. Kwashnak
Last Updated 2017