Keep on Riding

Participating on the 1996 Boston => New York AIDS Ride 2

With Kathryn Leach and Jenna Rankin

September 1996


Starting Out on the Ride

NOT Duck is a duck with a social conscience who is not above a chance to get outdoors when he can. So when his friends Kathryn Leach and Jenna Rankin announced their intention to participate in the Boston => New York AIDS Ride 2, he wanted to participate. But being a duck of limited means, he was unable to raise the required $1500 in pledges, so instead he rode along with them to lend his support. Here the three prepare to leave Boston on the great ride raising funds for AIDS services.

Made it to New York State!

Over hills and through valleys the riders, well, rode through the rain. Finally, the riders (and NOT) reach the border of New Yawk, despite the miserable rain.

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Photos courtesy of Katherine Leach

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