Alaska Ho!

Cruising with the Duck through Alaska with a stop in Seattle

With Lis and her Mom

August 1996


By the Alaska Sign

Some may say that space is the final frontier, but for NOT Duck, he'll accept that our 49th state as a substitute. It's nice to have feathers to keep you warm despite the fact that he was visiting during the summer. When Lis Daniels offered to bring him along for an Alaskan cruise, he jumped on the chance.

Flying So High With Lis

Lis has a problem with flying in small vulnerable vehicles So NOT Duck decided to come along to lend moral support being that he is very well versed in flying. So together they went flying over the glaciers together.

With Lis' Mom

Cruising with Mom! Mom and the Duck decided to get some fresh air and check out the glaciers. NOT wanted to go over to chip off some ice for his drink but the captain would not comply, muttering something about bringing the Titanic to the iceberg.

Seattle? Where's the Starbucks!?!

A brief stop over in Seattle - it's Grunge Duck!

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Photos courtesy of Alissa Daniels

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