Sergeant Duck of the Yukon

Visiting Montreal, Canada. Eh.

With Mark "Juj" Jesensky

March 1996

The Great White North The 45 degree angle

After going to Alaska, reaching 45 degrees north latitude doesn't seem as impressive but he (and his friend Juj) are 1/2 way between the Equator and the North Pole he could go either way - north for a refreshing chill or south for those tropical drinks.

Oh Holy Quack

The duck enjoys religious revival outside of a Canadian cathedral. Do they turn water into beer there?

Playing the slots

So punk, do you feel lucky? I love the nightlife in Montreal, I've got to boogie!

Playing the slots

Hey Mr. Duck, on my Shoulder

Hey there, Mr. Duck on my shoulder. NOT duck makes friends everywhere he goes, including this strange looking man in Montreal. Juj has his duck and the man has his canary. People are the same all over.

North American Travel

Photos courtesy of Mark "Juj" Jesensky

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