Ferris Duckler's Day Off!

Visiting The Windy City - Chicago

With Nancy Melley and Mark Serencha

August 1996


Towering Duck

Nancy M., now a U of Chicago student, visited to check out the city and took NOT Duck to the Hancock observatory for a visit - not to be confused by the similar one in Boston. He seemed to like it and no feathers were too ruffled.

Wrigly Field

Coming from Boston, NOT has a soft spot for those heartbreaking baseball teams, especially on which has been waiting longer than his beloved Red Sox for a World Series win. Here, he is checking out the Cubbies at Wrigly Field.

Chicago's Skyline

When returning to Chicago, the Duck missed O'Hare Airport and ended up in Grant Park with the Sears Tower in the background. The rather Cubical building is the Borg-Warner Building. Coincidence? Resistance is Futile. You will be Quacksimilated.

Somehow, it's likely that he'll be visiting again so maybe more pictures.

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Photos courtesy of Nancy Melley and Mark Serencha

Last Updated December 1998