Hickory Smoked Duck

Visiting Amy William's parents in Hickory, North Carolina

With Jason Howard and the (then girlfriend) Amy Williams

Christmas 1996

Whack a Moth

Heading South of the Mason-Dixon line, and in a dose of good southern hospitality, Not Duck welcomes you to the town of Hickory.

Dang, the gophers get pretty large down here and pop up when you last expect it. Guess it's time to play "Wack a Moth."

Moth - Aiee!

A web required cute animal picture: Duck and Dog coexist with a member of the Moth family all in the wilds of North Carolina.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

In an attempt to catch Santa in the act, the Duck stealthily hid in a stocking hung by the fireplace with care. No word on what Santa brought him.

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Photos courtesy of Jason "Moth" Howard and Amy Williams

Last Updated December 1998