A Duck-Billed Terrier

Visiting For a Little Education at the Boston University School of Management

With J.J. and Friends

October 1997


Outside the SMG

NOT Duck believes in better himself through education. Why else would he spend time hanging around academia? So he decided to spend the day with his friend J.J. and visit the MBA program at the Boston University School of Management.

Listening in Class

He was ready for a long day at class, complete with his mug of coffee (shhh..only water is allowed in the classrooms there), his laptop and of course his name card. Now if he can only be seen over the card so the professor might call on him.


Joined by other great minds in the graduate program, NOT was ready for intelligent discourse on management theory and fiscal topics of the day. And maybe a visit to the pub afterwards.

NOT Learning!

Unfortunately, he got so wrapped up in things that he couldn't keep up with fellow classmates Jeff, David, John and Jill. Guess who's going to have to stay for office hours if he hopes to pass.

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated December 1998