Hong Kong Duckey

Not Duck traveling to the exotic far east, with stops in Tokyo, Hong Kong and China

With Chris Thurrott

January 1997

NOT Duck's first International Trip

Hong Kong

Despite the threat of moving across the International Date Line, NOT Duck decided to brave travel to visit the far east. He realized this might be his last chance to see Hong Kong before it returns to China in July so he stowed away in his friend Chris's luggage and off he went. Recovering from jet lag, the Duck checks out Victoria Harbor and Hong Kong outside his window.

Victoria Peak

Despite his busy schedule, he was able to check out some of the local sights, including reaching the summit of Victoria Park in Hong Kong to check out the view and the shopping. He didn't find any suits in his size though.

Finding Enlightenment

In getting in touch with his spiritual side, NOT contemplates the universe while checking out local temples in China. In contemplative meditation at the Lingyin Si, the Temple of Inspired Seclusion, in Hongzhou, Ziiejiang Province, China.

With the Colonel

Feeling confident that Colonel Sanders was not going to expand into Peking Fried Duck, NOT checked out the less local cuisine while in China.

At the Airport

On his trip, Not Duck stopped off in the Tokyo airport to enjoy some soup and a drink of Kirin.

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Photos courtesy of Chris Thurrot

Last Updated December 1998