NOT Duck gets Leid!

NOT goes to visit our 50th State and friend Adam Philipp's Wedding

With Bob and Kat

June 1997

N.D. Phone Home

Just to prove he's there, NOT and Kat decide to call home for a moment to check voice mail. Gotta keep up on those IPO's, right Kat?

Hanging at the Wedding

Weddings are joyous occasions, and the Duck loves to get invited to them, especially when they are in the beautiful state of Hawaii. While there he tries to blend in so not to be obtrusive.

With the Bride and Groom

Adam Philipp and his new bride Masako welcome the duck to their ceremony.

On the Beach!

Bob takes the duck out to check out the beach - Ducks like water. How many toes does he have though? If he wants to go surfing does he "Hang Web?"

Dig that View

Kathryn shows the duck, and us, the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands.

Driven to Duck Driven to Duck

The question remains. Why does Hawaii have an Interstate Highway? What other state are you driving to?

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Photos courtesy of Kathryn Leach and Robert Weisenseel. Better known as Kat N Bob

Last Updated December 1998