The Duck Who Loved Me

Around the Town in London, England

October 1997

It was a typical autumn day when NOT Duck, Agent Double-O-Quack was called into V's office. "We have some trouble in Europe NOT. Seems that your old enemy Goldfeather is up to his old tricks. This time he is attempting to corner the entire European down market. We don't know why but it is your mission to stop him. Oh, and this time Double-O-Quack, try to keep your bill clean, no more visits to that French mistress of yours."

Home to Duck Lane

Before heading out to find Goldfeather, Duck decided to visit his palatial, yet understated, flat on Duck Lane.

"No one would suspect to find a secret operative living on such an obviously named street," he mused.

The Tower of London

"Goldfeather must be looking for something of value," remarked NOT. "I'd better check out the crown jewels at the Tower of London" But once arriving there, he found nothing amiss.

London Bridge, Not Falling Down

All over London, Duck searched, but still found no sign of Goldfeather. He checked out the Tower Bridge to see if maybe the villain had done something to it like replace it with a duplicate. But nothing.

"Very Curious," thought NOT, "I need a drink"

Off at the Pub

"A Pint, neither shaken or stirred."

It had been a fruitless search so far to uncover Goldfeather's nefarious plan, so he decided to stop off and grab a drink. While there he flirted with the barmaid he noticed that she had an oversized jacket which hung limply on the hook behind her, as if nothing was under the shell. "Curious," noted NOT.

"Another drink?" she inquired.

"Not for me thank you my dear, I'm flying," replied NOT. "I've got a villain to find."

Off to Paris

It was time for the search to move to the Continent. Nothing more was to be found in London, but he had a suspicion that Paris would be more fruitful. He went to Q to see if he could get some of those famous gadgets to make an unnoticed entrance to France.

"Every time I give you something, you break it Double-O-Quack!" exclaimed an exasperated Q. "This is all I can offer you."

Funny, NOT thought that Q was pulling one over on him. "This looks like an ordinary cannon to me. But no matter, it's off to Paris"


The Adventures of NOT Duck, Double-O-Quack continue......

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Photos courtesy of Rob Blumh

Last Updated December 1998