Ground Control to Major Quack!

NOT Duck Stows Away Along With The Pathfinder Mission


Summer 1997

On the Rover

Well, we wondered where the duck was, missing as he had been for a while. Turns out he decided to take a little trip along with the Pathfinder mission to Mars. Little did we know when we couldn't find him that he would end up being our first ambassador to another world.

Going for a Drive

We've heard that Mars is beautiful this time of the year, but I guess we'll have to take NOT's word for it. The nice thing is that weighing only a couple of ounces, he was able to travel for the cheap.

I wanna meet Yogi!

Two questions remain: How is he going to get back and does NASA offer frequent flyer miles?

*well, not exactly the way it went, but close enough. Thanks for Doug's efforts to show "You Are There" - ed.


Casing the Joint

A newly uncovered security camera photo shows NOT Duck checking out the Pathfinder mockup available at the Air and Space Museum along with the assistance of an unnamed accomplice (Mr. Hand). Is this how he planned his stowing away? The world may never know.

NOT Duck is participating in the Mars Exploration Rover - 2003 Mission


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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick and David Backman

Last Updated December 1998