Si Si Senior Duck!

Flying South for the Winter to Mexico

With Ruth Thumim

January 1997

Siesta Time

Forgetting the problems of the winter behind, NOT Duck decided to take up Ruth's offer to travel with her south of the border to the land of Old Mexico. If there is one thing that the duck likes, it's a good Margarita, so you know that he made sure to enjoy himself to the fullest.

On the Beach

Ahh, that's more like it. Out in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth on his feathers and take a dip in the water. Life is good when you are a duck living the life of leisure.

Basket Case

A couple of drinks, and the duck is in the basket. Oh, gotta watch that tolerance, NOT. Never know where you'll wake up and who it will be with.

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Photos courtesy of Ruth Thumin

Last Updated December 1998