Is the Duck Old Enough to Drink? Or Just Whine?

Visiting the Wineries of the Napa Valley, California

With Bob and Kat

June 1997

Napa Duck

Well, as part of the return from the Hawaiian wedding of Adam Philipp, NOT Duck, and his traveling companions, decided to stop off and visit San Francisco, where he's been before. But this time it was time to check out the grapes of the Napa Valley wineries and dip his beak in a little chardonnay. One of the fun times is visiting the Stearling Winery, which sits up at the top of a hillside. You reach it by riding up a gondola. While he could have flown quite nicely up to the top, his companions, Kat and Bob, could not. So out of deference, he chose to ride with them. Besides, coming back down would be hard if he was to do some sampling. He knows you should not drink and fly.

Having a picnic

While there, the weather was beautiful, as always. So the gang decided to take advantage of it and picnic. Does the Napa valley have its own version of Yogi Bear? Watch that basket!

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Photos courtesy of Katherine Leach

Last Updated December 1998