You're Doing Fine...O.K.

Not visits the Midwest, stopping in Oklahoma

With Mark "Wrench" Serencha

September 1997

Capitol Idea!

Hitching along for the ride with Wrench and his girlfriend Andrea on a drive to Oklahoma from Chicago. Of course, he knew he was in Oklahoma when he saw a derrick coming out of the state capitol building. Usually it's muck associated with politics, not oil, but when in oil country, a duck hides to keep it off his feathers.

Yee Haw!

Of course, visions of cowboys comes to mind there, especially with the Cowboy Hall of Fame in the area. A little duck must be careful not to be trod underfoot by all those horses, but Roy Rogers would never let that happen.

Big Flyer

Down there in Oklahoma is Tinker Air Foce Base. Since the duck was so fond of the Stealth Bomber which flew by on July 4th, he had to go see the other big planes there. Of course, he now suffers a bad case of wing envy. Poor duck.

The Murrah Site

Murrah Again

While there, he also paid his respects to the victims of the Oklahoma City bombing of the Alfred Murrah Federal Building. The duck was suitably quieted by what man can do to his fellow men and women.

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Photos courtesy of Mark Serencha

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