Back to the City of Lights - Paris, France

With: Rob Blum

October 1997

Outside the Louvre

"That really was a cannon that Q gave me and not some fancy gadget," thought NOT as he flew across the French countryside from London. "I shall have to have a word with him next time I see him."

To avoid arousing any suspicion, Duck made a characteristically cool and collected landing. "If I land over by the new pyramid of the Louvre, I might just blend in with the tourists and possibly spot Goldfeather."  He did land correctly, but saw nothing suspicious. Even the Mona Lisa inside had her usual enigmatic smile.

On Eiffel Street

He looked for clues, but decided that the Eiffel Tower was too exposed for such a villain. Rather he looked to see if something was amiss on Eiffel Street, but all was normal.

At the Arc

Time was spent in a local cafe, watching the crows pass by. But Double-O-Quack felt restless, and began combing the city by nightlights. The Arc dé Triomphe was monumental, but no sign of the villain. Just a few geese wandering forlornly around without any feathers. "Odd," thought Duck.

Stoned Duck

"I am tired. Maybe I should go visit my little French friend," thought Duck. He stopped by her place and knocked, but there was no answer. "Odd," he thought, not for the first time that night.

"The lights are on but she does not answer. Something may be wrong."

So Duck flew up to her window, and inside, calling her name. He quickly searched the love nest until he stopped cold in the bedroom doorway. There, in the corner, was his love. Now NOT knew that no only was his arrival in Paris not as unnoticed as he hoped, but he was on the trail of Goldfeather. The villain had gotten to his love and had turned her to stone.

"You will pay for this Goldfeather, I swear you will." vowed Duck.

The Quackback of Notre Dame

Into the night stumbled NOT, avoiding the oncoming police sirens. "I need to stop and catch my thoughts," he decided. As he passed along the way, he spotted the Cathedral of Notre Dame. Deciding to duck into the vast interior he stopped to rest in the candle lit refuge. Here he found a strange peace, and as Notre Dame closed, he found himself drawn towards another church, St.  Chappel.

Going to the Chapel...

Thinking at the Rodan Museum.

"Where would Goldfeather be and what is he up to?" mused Duck. He stopped for a while to admire the sculptures at the Rodan Museum and to draw inspiration from The Thinker, but the sight of the bronze figure cut too close to his memories of his love turned to stone. He quickly fled to less painful surroundings.


At the Metro At the Metro

Turning down an alleyway, something caught NOT's eye. A faint reflection of light. There, amongst some leaves and twigs that had been matted into an slightly bowl shape, was a single feather, gilded and glowing in the light.

"Goldfeather!" NOT exclaimed.

The nest was still warm. "He's close," thought NOT. "But despite his feathers, their layering in gold makes them impossible to use for flight and Goldfeather is deathly afraid of heights. He must be using the train system!"

Off NOT set to the famous Paris Metro system. "If I can catch him at the train station, I might be able to stop him."

The TGV Train

Underground raced Duck, traveling from station to station. Finally he arrived at the TGV station where the ultrafast trains come into Paris. Trains were leaving for all parts of Europe. Which one might Goldfeather be on?

Suddenly, NOT felt himself being swept up into the air. "Aren't you just the cutest little duck!" exclaimed the attendant. "And you're so nice and green, unlike the other duck we had though here earlier."

"Madam, put me down I'm a member of Her Majesty's Secret...Wait, 'other duck'?"

"Why yes, I had to toss this really cute golden colored duck onto the train leaving for Rome just a little while ago."

"Rome you say? I guess I'm off for a little pasta then."


The Adventures of NOT Duck, Double-O-Quack continue......

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Photos courtesy of Rob Blum

Last Updated December 1998