Like Water Off a Duck II

White Water Rafting in Maine

With The Gang

June 1997

The Gang

Last year NOT had a great time going white water rafting with his friends in Maine so when Lis organized a trip again this year, of course he joined in. Why not - he gets to ride the rapids but doesn't have to row at all. And besides, if he gets wet, it'll roll off easily.

Duck Special

This trip had cool cabins and NOT felt most at home, even shall we say "special."

Riding High

While riding the swells, NOT got to experience the thrill of it all, perched high atop John's hand. Is that so he can see better, or is it to keep him from falling in? Either way, NOT returned safe and sound and eagerly looks forward to rafting 1998!

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Photos courtesy of Doug Larrick and Mike Saletnik

Last Updated December 1998