It's Slot Duck

The City of Sin and that Desert Oasis: Las Vegas, Nevada

With Jason Dickstein

November 1997

With Jason

Sometimes the duck just wants to chuck it all and get away for a little raising hell. Who better to do this with but his friend Jason, who is a lawyer working in aviation. So he's able to tell NOT all the things he needs to know to stay calm when flying. At least you hope so. Would this man lie to you?

The Sahara Hotel

Well, he HAD thought that Paris was the city of lights. That was until he saw the strip at night. Seeing that he was in the desert, NOT was drawn towards a desert named hotel and visited the Sands..

Reserved Buffet o rama

Once there, he found out that he was expected, with his own reserved table for the visit. This way he was able to have an unobstructed view of the buffet line and of the showgirls. Plus it was right next to the kitchen, which meant that the food would come quickly. Best seat in the house. Right?

With a Showgirl

Yea, well he might not have gotten the best table, but he still got a visit form one of the lovely showgirls who was performing there. Funny, she looks nothing like Elizabeth Berkley.

Quark's Bar 1 Quark's Bar 2 - The Closeup

While there, he was able to check out the (then) almost completed Star Trek themed casino, complete with a "replica" of Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9. The bartender, who is a more good natured fellow than a Ferengi, allowed NOT back to help tend for a while.

With the Security Guard

Even the security guards who are supposed to keep you from taking pictures in the casino were so friendly to NOT. One even agreed to pose with him in return for some game information going on next door. Is that uniform from Star Trek or Spaceballs?

Playing the Slots

Well, nobody checked his ID so NOT decided to become SLOT Duck for a moment and give it a try. Hey, he tried in Montreal, so why not here? Alas, he couldn't ring the three bells. Right after he left though some woman from Hoboken put in her dollar and won all of NOT's money. And the nerve of her, she didn't even offer to share even after NOT explained the situation. So he bit her toe.


Wow, after spending all that time inside, it's easy to forget that there is actually outdoors just past the fall of lights. Here he and Jason check out the sunset over the mountains just outside of Las Vegas.

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Photos courtesy of Jason Dickstein

Last Updated January 1998