Fly Back North? I'm Going to the Bahamas!

Avoiding the north by stopping in the Bahamas

With Lis and Doug

March 1998

In the spring, ducks are supposed to migrate back north after escaping to southern climes for the winter. NOT however, decided that spring comes too late up north in Boston and that he was going to enjoy the warmth as long as he could. Talking to his friends in Boston, he found out Lis and Doug were going to head to the Bahamas for a little escape from the northern climate themselves. "Hmm, this would be a great excuse to go visit the Bahamas," he thought to himself. So he did.

One of the Bunch

Now of course, even though Doug and Lis were very good friends, he couldn't just pop in and appear on their doorstep, that would be rude. No, instead, he would try to "bump" into them by chance, and of course, since they are such wonderful people, they would invite the duck to share their vacation for a while. It was a perfect plan, and NOT nestled himself into local camouflage in hopes of running into the duo.

Bermudan Ducks

He waited. And waited. And waited. But he didn't spy them. "This is not working," he said. Just then, a tarantula decided to make the bunch his home, and NOT decided that was a good cue for him to move on.

Hmm, I know the two of them are big bird watchers. There's got to be a place around here they would go.

So he came across a group of ducks. "Where would someone go to watch birds?" he asked.

The first bird slapped his beak and called him a "Peeping Quack." but the next bird was made to understand what he was looking for and he was directed to visit the Lucayan National Park

Putt Putting Along

Of course he had no idea how to get there. Disheartendly he wandered around town until he came across a sign. "Motor Scooter rentals" it said. "That's It!" he cried and thus he decided this was the way to get around the island.

Lucayan National Park

After a few wrong turns (nothing like the ones he did at Albuquerque) he was on track for the park.


Now I know I'll find them, he thought to himself. Look at all these birds he marveled. None of them ever come up north to visit his climate. Wimps, he sniffed.   But part of it was jealousy. For all he had done, NOT had still not gotten into the spirit of the Bahamas. Heck, he hadn't even gotten any shorts yet. He waited all day, but no Doug or Lis. And the big flamingos even didn't talk to him. He despaired and figured he'd never find them before they leave.

Getting Braids

Well, I guess while I'm here I might as well get my feathers braided. Everyone says that is one of the things you need to do here. So he passed by a nice woman offering braids at a decent price and went in. Lo and behold who should he run into but Lis!

"NOT! What are you doing here?" she exclaimed.

"Oh just on a visit on the way back up north. You?"

"Just getting away for a few days. We're going back tomorrow."

So together they got their braids and NOT was able to avoid the long flying north for the summer by hitching a ride with Doug and Lis in their bags, toasty warm for the next trip.

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Photos courtesy of Alissa Daniels

Last Updated December 1998