See D.C.? No See Da Duck!

Washington, DC and environs

With Jenna Rankin, Chris Doucette and Jason Dickstein

April 1998

NOT often spends time visiting friends around our Nation's Capital. Now in all that time he's never been able to make friends with Buddy, the White House dog, or Socks the White House cat.

But despite that, he still seems to make friends and travel with them. Traveling and getting to see them all dressed up (NOT wishes they made seersucker in his size). 

Friends like:

Ace Lawyer Jenna Rankin Jenna and a Bow-Tied Jason Dickstein

Jenna and her now husband Chris Doucette

And when this fun loving bunch breaks out of the office, it's time for a bit of cruising, with phallic symbols in the background...

Checking out the view from the Lee place in Arlington...

And checking out for fire in Arlington National Cemetery.

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Photos courtesy of Jenna Rankin

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