North Carolina in August? Are You Nuts?

Hickory, North Carolina

With J.J., Bob and the entire Zardoz gang.

August 1, 1998

For The Wedding of Jason (Moth) Howard and Amy Williams

Weddings are known as a time to bring people together, and if it's a wedding, NOT ducks like to be there!

Wedding Ducks

This time, however, he decided to bring along his twin brother, DOT.

Wedding Mug Shot

He's a little small, though, so he couldn't participate in the ceremony, even as ring beaker. But he hung around with the Groom and his men for a while.

On the Pulpit

And then he took a very special seat on the pulpit, so he didn't miss a thing. He is a duck of small stature after all, and the wedding was rather crowded. This way he could see everything.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard

After that, he and his twin congratulated the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Howard, and went to get a drink.

He congratulated the bride's mother.

Mother of the Bride of the Duck

Hitching a ride with Lis

And danced the night away with Lis [When Doug let him].

Though when he got a little drunk, it was Wesley who helped make sure he got home safely.

Hey Guy

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated December 1998