Do You Quack This Woman?

Northboro, MA

With: Lis and Doug

October 17,  1998

For: The Wedding of Elaine Daniels& Wendy Zeisemann

Sometimes NOT Duck gets to participate in special events. One of the most special one he gets to go to are weddings. A special one was for his friend Elaine Daniels and Wendy Zeisemann. Elaine and her daughter Lis were two people that he got to enjoy Alaska with. This was to be a special wedding though, with two brides, and three generations of Lis's family.

Are there many things in this cool-hearted world so utterly exquisite as the pure love of one woman for another?  - Mary Maclane

Elaine Daniels and Duck Wendy Ziesemann and Duck
NOT Duck got time to wish each of the brides good luck before the ceremony.

Your family are the people who love you. - Mark Lukens

You've Got To Have Friends

The beauty of it all was that NOT, the happy couple, and old friends got a chance to celebrate together at the ceremony.

You've Got To Have Friends II

No love, no friendship can cross the path of our destiny without leaving some mark on it forever. - Francois Mauriac

Not a Rock Concert

NOT stands guard over rocks to be empowered with the spirit of love and good thoughts as an integral part of the ceremony.

The loving are the daring - Bayard Taylor

Among those attending the ceremony was Elaine's Mother (Lis's grandmother) With Grandma Now the Duck has partied with three generations of Lis's family.

Being out means doing what your grandmother told you to do, which is not to lie. - Barbara Smith

The love expressed between women is particular and powerful, because we had to love in order to live; love has been our survival. - Audre Lorde

The Happy Couple

After the ceremony, NOT took a few minutes to quack his congratulations to the happy couple.

Home is where the heart is, no matter how the heart lives. -Sally Fingerett

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Photos courtesy of Alissa Daniels

Last Updated December 1998