Lillehammering It Home

Checking out Norway

With Amy Lilien and Glenn Harper

May  1998

One day, Not was leafing through some of his magazines that had been sitting around his nest. [Being a world traveling duck without first class tickets, he didn't have a lot of time to read so some of these magazines are quite out of date.] He was contemplating his next travel when suddenly pictures of rolling green hills and slowly flowing glaciers filled his vision. "What's this?" he wondered. "Lillehammer, Norway, eh? That's it, I'll show I'm a sports minded duck and check out the Winter Olympics!"

Norway, Norway, Norway

So instead of flying south for the winter, NOT flew north! Now ducks like to swim on water when they can; it gives their legs a rest. So from high over the northern climates, he looked down and saw a large expanse of white, almost riverlike, with a bluish tinge to it. "That's a perfect place to take a rest from flying and paddle around for a while!"

That's Hard Water!

THUD! "My, this water is hard and not meant for ducks at all." NOT had found his first Scandinavian glacier.

"My, I'm lost now. Which way do I go for the Olympics?" He spied someone nearby. "Aha! A native. Maybe he can tell me where I want to go." So NOT flapped over to the stranger for help.

Troll Troll (again!)
A Quiet Troll Trials and Trollbulations

"Excuse me," he quacked, "Can you help me find the Olympic games?"  The stranger mutely stood there, neither helping nor moving, despite NOT's pleasant questioning. Nor did the next one he asked, or the next. "What an unfriendly country," he thought.

Halt! Who Goes There!

No, they are trolls, but they are not supposed to be out in the sun, it stuns them. They are supposed to stay under their bridges where it's safe. By the way, have you seen 3 billygoats wandering around here at all?" The voice came from one more creature peeking out of the ravine.

"Oh, could you tell me how to get to the Olympics?" "No," replied the troll, but there is one man who can help. He goes jogging by each day around this time. I think he modeled for the Olympics. You can't miss him - he'll be coming by with a big torch in his hands."  So NOT thanked him and waited expectantly for the jogger.

Running with the Torch!

"Excuse me sir, can you tell me how to gettotheOlympicgames?" NOT asked quickly as the jogger strode by. but the torch bearer ignored him and continued on his run "Hrumph!" exclaimed the Duck. So NOT realized he was on his own and attempted to find his way. However, by not knowing Norse, he was hampered in his reading of the local directions.

Sjofarts - Say it 3 Times Fast Oh those crazy spellings!

After flying all over, he finally saw a sign that had English on it! And it read Lillehammer. He found it!

Finally - the duck in Lillihammer!.

But where were the crowds? This as a pretty boring Olympics.

Bobsledding He checked out a bobsled run but found no competitors. Not even a team from Jamaica.
He even checked out the ski run. Nothing. No crowds. No competitors. Nobody even saw him try out a ski jump run. [Which was just as well since he fell on his beak.]
"Where is everyone!?!" he cried in exasperation.
Jump, duck Jump!

"You're too late," a local citizen explained, "The games were a couple of years ago."

Oh No! All this way for nothing. Wait a minute, he suddenly realized that the Summer and Winter Olympics are held off by 2 years so if he was late for the Winter he was bound to be on time for the summer ones. How to get there is the question. The ocean is wide and I don't want to fly again across it so soon. I guess I'll have to take a boat.

NOT the Red Where's the Clutch on this Thing?

And that's what he did, catching a ride along on Thor Heirdahl's Ra II ship.

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Photos courtesy of Amy Lilien-Harper

Last Updated December 1998