Take Me Home, Country Roads

At the Music City, Nashville, Tennessee

With J.J. Kwashnak and Russ Minton

January 1998

Walking Across Tenn.

There is a lot of music in the world, but in Boston, there is not that much, until lately, of the Country and Western style available on the radio. So it came time for NOT Duck (a fan of both Country and Western) to take a trip south to warm up, and where better than in Nashville, the home of country music. So off he went to see if he could see any stars.

Hartselle, AL Waffle House

Of course, sine his trip to Alabama, he had become quite the fan of Waffle Houses, so a stop along the way was required. This time it was in Hartselle, Alabama.

Nashville's Parthenon

With his stomach satisfied, he moved on to see the city. One of the first sites to check out was the Centennial Park. There, he found the famous full size replica of the Parthenon, built for the city's centennial. Or so he's told, but seeing that he has never been to Greece, NOT felt he could not vouch for the accuracy. Besides, the scaffolding was in the way,, while the construction was fixed up.

He walked across Tenn. Here's the Proof.

From Centennial Park it was only natural to head on to Bicentennial Park downtown. There he was amazed at the beautiful park, celebrating the city, the river through it and the whole state of Tennessee. While there he certified his trip by walking across the state from one side to the other (on the plaza of the park).

The Tenn. Capitol Building

At the edge of the park stands the state capital, high on a hill where it can't get flooded. After walking across the state, NOT's feet were tired, an impressive feat since he has no feet. So he didn't feel like walking up to get a closer view, satisfied to enjoy from a distance.

At old Vandy. Outside at Vanderbilt

Nashville is a world class educational town, just like Boston, so to feel like home he visited Vanderbilt, except that he doesn't run across such large sports stadiums that often in Boston.

NOT and his friends wandered around, visiting lots of places. However, despite the city's reputation, he didn't see one famous singer. But the duck vows that he'll try again soon, and he will see some this time. Maybe even get them to autograph his beak.

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated December 1998

Updated December 1998