Rolling on a River, Part III

White Water Rafting on the Penobscot River, Maine

With: Lis, Doug, Wes, Kat, Mike, Rob, Chris, Laurie and Diana

July 1998

When a chance to go Whitewater Rafting comes up again, NOT enthusiastically joins the gang. After all, water runs off his feathers like...well you know. So for his third time (1996, 1997), NOT embarked for Maine.

Rafting 1998

Lounging Kat on the River

After all, it was a chance to get back to nature, and relax on the river.

Feeding the Ducks And more feeding

And there were fellow ducks along to keep him company, much to his surprise.

Starting out, On the Raft. things were quiet.

Safely nestled among his friends, raft982.jpg (13954 bytes)

Armup98.jpg (7783 bytes) And he was rising above the water so he wouldn't be falling out, like some of his friends did, not that he'll name any names.

But most of all, he knew to keep paddling in order not to be known as a dumb-ass.

Keep those Oars Up!

RaftingPeople98.jpg (8580 bytes) blank.gif (810 bytes) RaftingRiver98.jpg (7238 bytes)

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Photos courtesy of Alissa Daniels

Last Updated December 1998