Passing Over the Duck

Going to the Conn House for Passover - Rockford, Ill.

With: Adam and Amy Conn

April 1998

NOT is a party Duck! Wherever there is a celebration, he likes to go. Sometimes it takes him interesting places. More often it takes him to regular places in the heart of America. This time he went to Rockford to partake of Passover.

Flying though Ohare

He was glad to have companions for flying though - coming through Chicago's O'Hare Airport could be dangerous for a duck of his small size.

Once there, it was time for dinner, as it could be noted on the Rockford Clock Tower (so named, in case you forgot what it was.

 Rockford Clock Tower

Luckily he got to spend time with Adam's family, though they explained a lot about Adam when the Duck met them. He enjoyed the trip, but wishes that the herbs they ate were not so bitter, they gave him gas.

The elder Conns

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Photos courtesy of Adam and Amy Conn

Last Updated December 1998