Quack!  Shhhhhh!

Learning at the Stamford Public Library, Stamford, CT.

With Amy Lilien-Harper

Summer 1998

As the life of a small stuffed duck goes, NOT has a good one. But he's not always the smartest mallard flying south. So when he gets a chance, he lets his friends try to help educate him. What better way to do that than to spend a day visiting his friend Amy at work at the Stamford Library. And to improve things, she works in the Children's area, so the books would have small words. 

NOT wanted to help check out books, but he had too hard a time stamping the due date into the back. 


So he tried to encourage others to read, handing out flyers by the front desk.  

He tried to show he was a literate duck by surrounding himself with books of all shapes and size. Unfortunately, they were all just words, words, words, words, words. Too big for NOT to quack. He went in search of something a bit simpler. 

Ahh, there we go, here's one with a picture that seems a bit familiar!  Not was even inspired to try and help lead story time. Having seen the statues of the duck parade in Boston, NO had to go back to the appropriate source. And thus he began to tell the kids the story of Make Way for Ducklings.

Unfortunately, NOT's quack is too piercing, and soon he was asked by the nice librarians to leave because he  was making too much noise. And then people wonder why he doesn't visit libraries more often.

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Photos courtesy of Amy Lilien-Harper

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