A Horseless Quack-age

Detroit, Michigan

With J.J. Kwashnak

September 1999

NOT is a duck who never could fly well, so he really appreciated the help of his human friends as well as his friends' automobiles. So when he got invited to his friends Tom and Barb's wedding in Detroit, he realized what better a time to pay homage to the car as then? 

So packing his bags for Detroit he found his first stop to be the home of Henry Ford's Automobile Hall of Fame. Lots of old cars populated the museum and lots of newer ones populate the parking lot. 

And of course there was the behemoth headquarters of General Motors which dominated the sky of Detroit. 

While there, NOT had to be careful though - there were Tigers about in Detroit. Luckily they seemed to have little interest in eating ducks. Rather, they were finishing up their last season in Tiger Stadium.


In Detroit not also made a new friend: Dart the frog.

Who is a traveling companion (not unlike NOT) of Mike and Stephanie.


And of course there was the obligatory congrats to the bride and groom. Tom and Barb Camarro.

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001