High on Rocky Quack, Rocky Quack Tennessee

Knoxville, Tennessee

With JJ

June 1999

When it's time to get away, what better way to do it than a good old fashioned road trip? Taking a page from Bart Simpsons' book, where better to road trip to than the World's Fair in Knoxville? Besides, the crowds had to have subsided by now. So off he went to seek out a fair, full of worldly goodness.


He knew he'd find it under a giant sphere, so he was all excited when he spotted the orange Sunsphere. "Why are there lines on it so it looks lies like the sun and more like a basketball?"

That's because NOT had found not the Sunsphere but the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame. "Oh great," NOT grumbled "More people I have to look up to see." So off he flapped when high in the sky, he saw a glowing orb. And near the sun was another golden orb: The Sunsphere!  He found it!

And then he realized that not only does a world's fair not last forever, it could disappear. NOT arrived to find a Sunshpere full not of wigs as in The Simpsons, but with a Visitor's Center, at least for the next month. After that it was being closed and the site of the World's Fair turned into a new convention center. So up he went while he could to see the sphere. 

Through the golden skin he could see all over Knoxville, including the Tennessee River (Ducks love the river) and the huge University of Tennessee stadium. A duck could really get lost in there. 

So instead, NOT decided on a groundwise view of the home of the Vols.


He found his orange breast fit in with the ubiquitous orange all over the campus. 

NOT too far from Knoxville is an area that was America's Secret City, where work went on refining materials for the Manhattan Project: America's World War II Atomic Bomb Project - away from prying eyes.  

Unfortunately for NOT, in Oak Ridge, he was not able to see the reactor: It was closed. Nor did he see any Oak Ridge Boys either. Maybe they were on old Rocky Top. 

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Photos by J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001