Why Not a Nittany Duck?

State College, Pennsylvania

With J.J., Doug, Lis, Bob and others

May 1999

For Amy and Glenn's Wedding

Pennsylvania is the Keystone state. And we know that keystones are in the center of the arch. So what better to find in the middle of Pennsylvania, and in the middle of nowhere, but the State College of Pennsylvania?  

Now if you were Glenn and Amy, you had to plan around little things like football games that might make the town a bit more crowded. Luckily, there is little football in May.  

Being a busy college, NOT could not afford to park anywhere too long, for fear of being ticketed. 

At least being a state school, it had plenty of land to spread out in. Hence it could build large buildings and wide open spaces. To compliment the 'open minds' of the young scholars attending? One can only wonder. 

As any fan of college sports knows, the mascot of Penn State is the fierce Nittany Lion. Unfortunately, the only lion the duck and friends saw was a bit more tame. In fact he let people play on him, he was so tame. 


But not to loose sight of why he was there, it was time to wish best luck to Amy and Glenn at their wedding. 

NOT had such fans in the bridal family, that his relatives were actually in the ceremony, carrying the rings tied to them, as they were borne on soft pillows. NOT wondered why he never gets to do such things.

Afterwards, NOT wished Bon Voyage to David as he used the center of nowhere as a good continuing point for his 48 States Trek.


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Photos courtesy of Bob Weisenseel and J.J. Kwashnak

Last Updated March 2001